Monday, 9 November 2009

Introducing my 'ARCH NEMESIS'

Well folks..what can i say, it was certainly an action filled morning!

It started thus.....

I was snuggled up safe and sound on the bed with Mummy, looking gorgeous as usual. It promised to be a good day, since if Mummy doesn't leave just after dawn it usually means its either a weekend, or she's 'working from home'. All i know is that it means more cuddles for me, which is a good thing, of course.

Anyway, Mummy got up and went downstairs to turn the computer on, i went too...just in case i was missing out on anything fun...or edible. As i was checking the living room perimeter and got to the french doors that look out onto the patio, i saw something that made me very very angry!

My ARCH NEMESIS was right there, on the other side of the glass...on MY patio and far to close to my house. In fury i *floofed* my tail as large as it would go. Mummy at this stage thought i was looking at the birdies, which i often do, but she soon realised otherwise when i stood up on my back paws snarling in my most fearsome voice at the intruder who DARED to trespass on my property.

Mummy raced to the back door (which needed unlocking - wasting valuable time!!!!) and shot outside...with me right on her heels...and i couldn't believe my eyes. We got just about to the archway having chased it off the patio and it was hiding behind some bits of grass by the flower had the AUDACITY to stare Mummy and me out! To give my nemesis some credit we must have presented quite a scary sight...i was *floofed* to the max and snarling, and well.. Mummy doesn't look her best in the morning, especially when she hasn't had her daily grooming session...quite a sight to behold!

Mummy searched for something to throw at my nemesis, even picking up a plant pot, but i think it was one of her favourites (she has so many - i can't tell the difference, but hey - I'm a cat) so she resorted to shouting and chasing it off.

HA! my nemesis foiled once again by brave Parrotcat and her fearless sidekick Mummy!

So, who is this troublesome trespasser? this marauding meaowler? this ferocious feline? Good question friends! Mummy and I don't know as yet, but we're fairly sure my nemesis is a 'he' and that he moved into the area about the time the 'brown & white bas**rd' disappeared (Mummy's words..not mine you understand!). Mummy has tried to take a photo for identification purposes...but frankly he's just too quick! So i asked her to do an 'artist's impression' instead, so you could all see the size of the monster! you can see, Mummy's no artist, but hey, she tried her best. I hope you get the idea anyhow, he's big, he's mean and he keeps trying to get me!

The question now is what to do about this big bully? We've had our run-ins before you see....fights through a closed catflap, chases up the garden...he once even had the gall to sit right behind Mummy when she was gardening..she got the shock of her life when she turned round! I was there to see her chase him off again...brave Mummy!

A clever kitty from Twitter gave Mummy some very good advice today:
1. squirt him with a waterpistol as long as he can't see where it comes from (we tried this - but again, he's too quick!).
2. fill a can with pebbles and shake it to make a noise (we're going to try this next, as long as it doesn't frighten ME aswell!)
3. Use a plug-in Feliway diffuser to release calming pheromones in the house to calm frightened kitties
4. Use biological detergent to wash off any 'scent marks' the intruder leaves on steps or catflaps
5. make sure kitty sees you chase the marauder off, to reassure your kitty that you're looking out for him/her (Mummy is very good at this, i feel very loved)

So...updates to follow no doubt on how to see off my nemesis.

Oh yes...the rest of the day was pretty good (once i *de-floofed*) i spent much time on the back of the sofa, snoozing. Plus i rediscovered my second favourite spot - the 'bed on top of the scratching post by the radiator'. Hmm..must think up shorter name for that one.

Anyway, it's turned decidedly cold here today, i had a race up and down the garden with Mummy and i was *floofed* nearly the whole time...for warmth! Hence the bed by the radiator is a good spot to nap and dream of birdies i am yet to catch...i took my eye off the ball today, but i know that pigeon will be back tomorrow...

So....ARCH NEMESIS or not..i will return for more tales from the back of the sofa...

Have a great day!
Parrotcat x


  1. wow you is verry brave parrotcat, you must protekt your domain at all cost!

  2. oh noes! did the uther kittah get inside? keep us updated!!

  3. Hello - you will no doubt be pleased to know that I have bestowed upon you a most illustrious award - The Honest Scrap Award. Don't worry if you have received it before. Like the Oscars, they make good bookends. See here for full details -


    Albert The Cat.