Wednesday, 17 February 2010

So many stories....such a useless typist!

Well hello friends...its been a while I know. I've had such wonderful things to tell you but my mummy has been so busy (too busy in my opinion) and has been neglecting her typing duties. Honestly, I don't ask for much (apart from food, cuddles, treats, entertainment, midnight snacks and so forth...not much really!) but nevermind...I'm here now!

So a quick update on what's been happening here....
1. my Nemesis is still causing problems...we now know he lives across the road...Mummy is working on a revenge attack!

2. Its been exceptionally cold here, hence I have been spending a lot of time in bed...sleeping. 
Which has led to a rather unfortunate new nickname 'fatty'. The cheek of it! I'm merely storing a little extra away in preparation for more cold weather..

3. umm....thats about it! Oh, no wait..I had a lump on my chest, Mummy was very worried, she took me to the VET! who STUCK NEEDLES IN ME! turns out its all ok though, no need for the sharp pointy knife! *phew*

More to come soon my furry friends....Mummy has promised to be a better typist...we'll see!

News on the Cat-o-lympics coming soon!


  1. Hi Coco! We just saw your post on the Cat Olympics and wanted to come by and say hi!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Thanks Sniffie and the Firkids :-) see my post today for all my entries (most of them too late, but nevermind!)