Monday, 22 February 2010


Oh yes my furry friends, to celebrate the Winter Olympics....the Kitty bloggers present.... the Cat-O-Lympics!

Many of my fellow furry bloggers are hosting events and here are my entries so far....

Competitive napping


Boxing (practice)

Balance Beam


and some others that i think should be events....if they aren't already!

Fishing (high difficulty rating due to glass box)

Snow stalking

Mummy is enjoying watching the curling on TV...but she doesn't really understand the rules. I think its terribly simple really...allow me to demonstrate:


Its lots of fun entering all these events, even if I doesn't get a medal! 


  1. You did some pawsome entries! I really like your napping picture.So cute! The boxing entry should do well because of the degree of difficulty in standing on your paws and boxing all at once.

    Thanks for entering in my pouncing division!

  2. Hello new friend, love your blog and great!!! can't stop smiling.

  3. Love your version of the curling, Coco! Brilliant.

  4. Those were pawsome entries! I say GOLD!!

  5. We love your Pare Paw fighting entry ~ and since we are hosting the BPF event we are gonna give yoo a medal ~ even though your entry was late! Well done! It's not yoor fault that yoor mom was busy!